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Project Cloning

Project Cloning.

With one click Cloudeity lets you create an identical copy of a project, not only the source code but the whole operating system and all tools required to run the code, exactly as it was configured. Now your students can focus on learning the skill you are teaching and avoid wasting time setting up the environment.

Project Sharing

Project Sharing.

Projects can be shared with one or more users. Users can access all Cloud Apps (Code Editor, Terminal) or turn on and off the project. This feature allows you to prepare assignments or projects for students and share it with them. It also enables students to easily work on group projects.

Cloud Apps.

Cloudeity comes with state of the art security engine which can enable authentication for any web application. You can securely add many Docker images as Cloud Apps to your Cloudiety project. We provide a Code Editor and Terminal out of the box.

Cloud Apps
Project Sharing


If a picture is worth a thousand words, an example is worth a million. Only Cloudeity brings you a rich library of pre-configured examples for most modern technologies, so you can focus on teaching and not setting up the environment.