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Cloud Apps

Included with every Cloudeity project.

Code Editor

Highlighting, code completion, error checking and more.

Linux Terminal

Git, C++, Java, NodeJS, Ruby, Python, a full Linux shell.


Run Docker containers inside Cloudeity projects.

Designed for Education

Empower your classroom with Cloud technologies.

Teach modern computer science. Cloudeity supports the latest languages including JavaScript, Java, Go, PHP, Python, Ruby, Swift, C, C++, and any other programming language that runs on a Linux platform.

Prepare labs once, and share with all students. Cloudeity's project cloning feature allows you to clone a lab with one click, you can then share it with one or more students.

Let students code on their Chromebooks. Cloudeity works on any computer with a modern Chrome browser and Internet connection, including Chromebooks.

Grade assignments remotely. Cloudeity projects live in the cloud, enabling you to grade them from anywhere, no more USB keys or submissions.

Manage your lab in the Cloud. Students can work in Cloudeity from any computer with Chrome browser and Internet connection, you don't need to worry about upgrading lab computers, installing and maintaining software or getting administrator access.

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What do clients say?

Cloudeity is committed to every student's success.

By using Cloudeity I save time helping each student setup their workstation, which means I can focus on teaching new technologies.
Natasha Dimitrova
ICT Teacher
When our System Administrator left, we couldn't find a replacement with our limited budget. The Cloudeity team helped our CS staff use the cloud.
John Bradley
School Principal
I like how Cloudeity lets me program cool things in class and show them to my friends. I think I will apply to the Computer Science program in university.
Fredrick Sosa

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